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Joyce in Progress: Proceedings of the 2008 James Joyce Graduate Conference in Rome

Posted by mnemosineeorfeo su settembre 10, 2009

Joyce in ProgressThe essays gathered in Joyce in Progress are the fruit of the First Annual Graduate Conference in Joyce Studies held at the Università Roma Tre in February 2008, and organized by the James Joyce Italian Foundation. They are a testament to the enduring fascination of Joyce’s writings and the ongoing liveliness of debate about the writer and his works and contexts.
There is a wide array of genuine research on show here, which looks at Joyce from a variety of angles, focusing on his deeply complex autobiographical fiction through genetic studies, post-colonial studies, eco-criticism and intertextual and multi-modal approaches.
This volume offers ground-breaking multi¬disciplinary readings and usefully connects Joyce’s work with that of contemporary writers, rivals, followers, and successors.


Franca Ruggieri is Professor of English Literature and Coordinator of the PhD program in Comparative Literature at Università Roma Tre. She is the author of several books on Joyce including Maschere dell’artista and Introduzione a Joyce. She is President of the James Joyce Italian Foundation and editor of Joyce Studies in Italy and Piccola Biblioteca Joyciana.

John McCourt teaches at the Università Roma Tre and is Director of the Trieste Joyce School. He is the author of The Years of Bloom: Joyce in Trieste 1904– 1920 and of James Joyce: A Passionate Exile and most recently edited Joyce in Context for Cambridge University Press.

Enrico Terrinoni teaches at the Università Roma Tre and the University for Foreigners, Perugia. He is the author of Occult Joyce: The Hidden in Ulysses and is currently working on a new Italian translation of Ulysses.

For further information visit the website of Cambridge Scholars Publishing.



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